Why Obama is so popular among women

      President Barack Obama has a big lead in the critical swing states of Ohio and Florida, which can be attributed to a huge advantage among women voters. Traditionally, Democrats have an advantage with women voters, but Obama’s advantage among them has grown strikingly. He is now also gaining momentum among married women voters in the two states, a group that previously backed Mitt Romney. “Women are much more likely to think Barack Obama cares about them than Romney does, and they think Barack Obama would do a better job than Mitt Romney on women’s reproductive health issues, by two to one,” CBS News director of surveys Sarah Dutton said. Over the past month, the gender gap has helped Obama gain a 10-point lead in Ohio , according to the latest Quinnipiac University/CBS News/New York Times poll, as well as a nine-point lead in Florida and a 12-point lead in Pennsylvania . In Ohio , women prefer Obama over Romney by a margin of 25 points, 60 percent to 35 percent. In Florida , women voters prefer Obama by 19 points, 58 percent to Romney's 39 percent. Dutton said that single women are more likely than married women to be younger, have lower incomes, and to be African American or Latino, all groups that favor the president. The report said that Romney, meanwhile, has an advantage among men in both swing states. But it's not wide enough to make up for his lack of female support.

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