No takers for Sarah Palin in Republican gubernatorial race

     Sarah Palin, one of the most talked-about potential 2012 presidential candidates, has not been sought by Republican gubernatorial candidates to campaign for them. Less than a month before voters go to the polls, it appears clear that the former Alaska governor, will not appear on behalf of either New Jersey's Chris Christie or Virginia's Bob McDonnell. Given her loyal following among many in the party's grass roots, it's Palin who could surely draw the largest crowd and perhaps raise the most money for the two candidates, Politico reports. "The governor offered her assistance with both races. The ball is in their court," said Palin adviser Meg Stapleton. Neither GOP campaign wanted to discuss why they didn't want Palin in the state. Not surprisingly given the political makeup of the two states, only McDonnell's campaign would offer a nod her way. "With 26 days left until the election, we do not anticipate Gov. Palin campaigning in Virginia at this point," said McDonnell spokesman Tucker Martin. "She has donated to our campaign, and we appreciate her support of Bob McDonnell, and her historic run as the Republican nominee for vice president." Privately, Republicans aides in Virginia and New Jersey say that a Palin appearance with their candidates could offend swing voters who are turned off by the polarizing Alaskan.

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