Museum set up in Kashmir to preserve rich cultural heritage

      A museum has been set up at Kashmir Haat in Srinagar to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the region. It will soon be open for public. The museum showcases the exquisite collection of antique handicrafts, carpets, shawls and many other artefacts of the region. The authorities feel that the museum would make students, children and youths aware of glorious past of the region. "The main objective of this museum is to remember our glorious past...this museum will help in showing our rich cultural heritage to the future generation...this museum helps us conserving our crafts because when visitors came to a visitor then a feeling of nostalgia developed among them," said Showkat Ahmad Zargar, Director, Handicrafts Kashmir. The museum hopes to tourists besides helping local artisans learn traditional designs and patterns. "This museum will showcase the heritage of Kashmir to locals and other tourists...through this, people came to know about the excellent craftsmanship of the region and it also provide local artisans an opportunity to learn traditional designs and patterns, thus help in preserving our heritage" said Sajad Hussain. "The museum depicts the antique collection of papier-mache, sozni embroidery, Kashmiri shawls and carpets. I hope that this museum will fascinate the tourists they will come and witness the heritage of our region," said Ashiq Ahmed. Kashmir's carpets and Pashmina shawls are globally renowned for its excellent craftsmanship.

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