Pak needs to take a strong action against terrorists operating from its soil: Antony

      Defense Mnister A.K. Antony on Saturday said Pakistan needed to take a determined and strong action against the terrorists operating from its soil, not just to satisfy India but to serve its own interest. Reacting on a recent spate of terror attacks in Pakistan including Saturday's terror attack on Pakistan Army headquarters in Rawalpindi, Defense Minister A.K. Antony, said: "Pakistan should take a determined and strong action telling the terrorists, not only to satisfy India, it is in their interest. They will have to contain, they will have to take strong action against the terrorists operating from their territory." On suspected involvement of Pakistan in the latest bomb attack on the Indian embassy in Afghanisatn capital, Kabul , on Thursday (Oct.8), Antony said the Government was taking up the matter through appropriate channel. "Already we are taking up seriously at the normal channel, appropriate channel. Our Foreign Secretary was there," Antony said. Attack on the India embassy in the Afghan capital killed 17 people. The Taliban claimed responsibility but many in India also see the hand of Pakistan , which considers Afghanistan a fall-back position in the event of war with India . Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao visited the blast site in Kabul on Friday (Oct.9). On Saturday (Oct.10), suspected Taliban militants wearing army uniforms attacked the Pakistani army's headquarters in Rawalpindi on Saturday, killing six soldiers and triggering a battle in which four gunmen died. The latest attack came a day after a suspected suicide car-bomber killed 49 people in the city of Peshawar in an attack which the government said underscored the need for the all-out offensive against the Taliban. Al Qaeda-linked Islamist militants have launched several attacks in Pakistan over the past couple of years, most aimed at the security forces or Government and Foreign establishments. Militants have attacked military targets in Rawalpindi before.

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