Berlusconi vows to rule with "more grit" after losing immunity from prosecution

     He may have lost his immunity from the law, but Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi has vowed to rule with "even more grit". "The trials against me are false, laughable, absurd," the Italian Prime Minister insisted. "I will defend myself in the courtroom and make my accusers look ridiculous," he added. In a major blow for 73-year-old Berlusconi, Italy's top court ruled that a law granting him immunity from prosecution while he is in office violates the constitution. The verdict will reopen two trials against him that were suspended. The scandal-hit premiere has condemned the ruling by the court as politically motivated, reports The Times. The media tycoon dismissed calls for him to resign, amid observations that a man defending himself in several courtrooms could not simultaneously govern the country. "The Government will forge ahead calmly, tranquilly and with even more grit than before because this will be absolutely indispensable for freedom and democracy in this country," Berlusconi said. "The Prime Minister is elected by the public and therefore must be respected," he added. Berlusconi has attacked Italy's president, the bulk of the media, magistrates and the constitutional court that stripped him of immunity of being leftists scheming against him. The immunity law, one of Berlusconi's first acts after winning last year's election, halted all the cases against him, including one where he is accused of bribing British lawyer David Mills to give false testimony to protect his businesses. Two other cases, one accusing him of tax fraud and false accounting in the purchase of TV rights by Mediaset and another alleging he tried to corrupt opposition senators, have also been frozen. Berlusconi denies any wrongdoing.

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