Did Haqqani father 'iron-clad' Kerry Lugar conditions?

     While the Kerry Lugar Bill has created a furor in Pakistan due to its Army and ISI-specific conditionalities, questions are also being raised as to who actually fathered these 'iron-clad conditions'. Fingers are being raised at the Pakistani lobbyists in Washington who were hired by the Pakistan Embassy. The lobbyists, including Mark Siegel and Cassidy and Associates, were supposed to work for Pakistan and were paid million of dollars, but they were actually lobbying against Pakistan and were trying to get anti-Pakistan conditions inserted in the Kerry-Lugar Bill, The News reports. However, experts believe that the main culprit is Pakistan 's Ambassador to the US , Hussain Haqqani. One could find the details of all the Army-specific conditions, mentioned in the Kerry Lugar bill, in Haqqani's book, which was published in 2006. "The United States must use its aid as a lever to influence Pakistan 's domestic policies." Washington should no longer condone the Pakistani military's support of Islamic militants, its use of its intelligence apparatus for controlling domestic politics, and its refusal to cede power to a constitutional democratic government," the book states in one of its chapters. "Unlike governments in other Muslim countries like Egypt and Turkey , Pakistan 's government - particularly its military - has encouraged political and radical Islam, which otherwise has a relatively narrow base of support," it says. The book also stresses on the fact that the United States can contain the Islamic influence by asking Pakistan for certain reforms with regard to the Army and other security forces. "The United States can help contain the Islamists' influence by demanding reform of those aspects of Pakistan 's governance that involve the military and security services. Until now, the United States has harshly berated corrupt or ineffective Pakistani politicians but has only mildly criticised the military's meddling," it states.

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