Floods lead to hike in onion prices

      The floods in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, described by officials as the worst in many decades, have led to an increase in the prices of onions across the country. The floods have destroyed onion crops in the two States and have affected its availability, due to which traders dealing in onions in Maharashtra’s Nasik district, another major producer of onions and the main supplier to north India, have increased the prices. “Last week onions were being sold at a rate of Rs.500-600 per quintal, but now it is being sold at a rate of Rs.1400-1500 per quintal. The reason behind this is floods in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, we have been unable to procure onions from these two states especially from Kurnool district. So, there has been an effect in the prices,” said Parasmal Bohra, a trader dealing in onions. The soaring prices have dented common man''s pocket, who is being forced to purchase onions even at high rates. “The onions have become extremely expensive. We are poor people we can''t eat such expensive onions,” said Seeta Devi, a local. The vegetable sellers attribute shortage of onions to floods and have found a valid reason for hiking the prices, upsetting the people''s budgets badly. The floods have wrecked havoc in northern parts of Karnataka, described by officials as the worst in many decades, killing over 280 people besides rendering several thousands homeless. While in Andhra Pradesh, River Tungabhadra, which flows from Karnataka and joins River Krishna went in spate and has made at least five million people suffer. Floodwaters have swamped hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland and damaged standing crops of sugarcane, maize, rice and wheat. The loss of sugarcane has given rise to worries of sharp fall in the output of sugar in Karnataka, the country''s third-biggest producer.

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