Pak Army trying to push maximum terrorists into Kashmir: Antony

     Defence Minister AK Antony on Wednesday said that the Pakistan Army and Government is trying to push the maximum number of terrorists or insurgents across the border in a bid to maintain instability in the region. Antony said: "Even after 26/11 terror attacks, Pakistan is not taking strong actions against terror camps in their soil. The Pakistan army is not controlling this." "There are terror camps close to Pakistan Army camps. Pakistan is trying to push maximum people in Jammu and Kashmir. This is a clear strategy by them," he added He further said that our armed forces are on guard and I am sure we will be able to prevent infiltration to a maximum extent. Commenting on the Naxal menace, Antony said, "The Naxal problem is an internal security problem and the Government wants to minimise central armed forces involvement in tackling such problems, preferring to see it as a last resort option. "I have already told you that it is an internal law and order and security issue. Mainly it is the duty of state governments to handle it. And I will support the state governments. We want to minimise these kind of armed forces operations for internal security, he added. "We don't support armed forces for offensive actions against Naxalites. We can only give logistical supports and training ," he said. His comments come a day after Jharkhand police inspector Francis Induwar, who had been abducted on Sep 30, was found killed on the Ranchi-Jamshedpur highway. Antony was speaking to the media after inaugurating a new Defence Accounts Department (DAD) buildings complex here.

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