Floods destroyed crops worth billions of rupees, says Reddy

     Andhra Pradesh's Agriculture Minister Raghuveera Reddy has said that crops worth billions of rupees were damaged in by floods. "Due to the recent floods about 2 lakh 80 hectares of crops have damaged. The total loss that we have preliminary assessed so far is about 1,250 crores and the input subsidy which we are supposed to give to the farmers for their loss of crops would be about 135 crores and for the alternate crops for the farmers to go the subsidy that we have to give for the seeds may be and all will be about 52 crores," Reddy said. Reddy also said that the affected farmers would be given full insurance claim and bank loans. "We have directed all the officers to form teams mandal wise where the university scientists are also part of the team. They will enumerate and we will see to that that compensation is paid to them. Whatever alternate crops they want to grow suggestion given by university scientists. And it's our utmost importance to see that every farmers who have suffered a loss will be compensated at the earliest," Reddy said. Reddy said the most affected crop was paddy among others and the most affected districts include Kurnool, Mahboobnagar, Krishna, Nellore, Nalgonda and Guntur. Over the past six days, floods caused by incessant rains and swelling of rivers have continued to wreak havoc in the state rendering 5,20,000 people homeless by destroying 50,000 houses.

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