Floriculture business a boon for the local florist in Sikkim

     The climatic advantage coupled with highly educated workforce gives Sikkim a definite advantage in floriculture, and realizing the potential the State Government is assisting farmers through various training programs and facilities. Sikkim is famous for its lush green plantations, and it is reaping good profits in the floriculture business. Home to over 26 per cent of the country's biodiversity with exquisite species in flora and fauna, the State has been successful in promoting floriculture. "We provide training to the farmers. After the training we provide them with planting materials such as seeds and we also provide them with the infrastructure required to farm flowers in a large scales basis by providing them green house facilities and the required demonstration is also given to them," said K. K Singh, Special Director of Department of Horticulture. Realizing the potential and investment opportunities in this sector, the department has also given subsidies for marketing and transport facilities to local farmers. "The Government has given us encouragement, as the weather here is suitable. The Government initially gave us 500 saplings for trial basis. It was first given to 10 families, now we have 62 families in this plot. They have even helped us technically," said Laxmi Rai, a farmer. To promote Sikkim at the international level, an international show is also held in the state. At present, Sikkim is producing cut flowers, which includes roses, Lilium and Anthurium on a commercial scale. Sikkim is the only state in the country which produces high value cymbidium orchids. It has also been designated as the agriculture export zone with particular emphasis on production and export of large cardamom, ginger and cherry pepper.

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