Indian Air Force continues relief measures in flood-hit Karnataka

      Indian Air Force (IAF) on Tuesday continued to drop relief material and saved people affected from flood-hit regions of Karnataka, where at least five million people have been affected so far. The flooding has been described by officials as the worst in many decades and has also claimed lives some 250 people. Two IAF Mi-8s' flew over worst hit Bellary district for about four hours and 20 minutes and another took off from Yelahanka air base and dropped 2.1 tonnes of relief material in the region. Chetaks helicopters were also engaged in rescuing people and were on duty for several hours looking for marooned people and for dropping of relief material. IAF also has pressed about 29 aircrafts and helicopters into service, including seven Chetaks and 10 MI-8s' for the rescue operation in flood-hit regions of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Meanwhile, a special rescue team from Gujarat arrived in Karnataka to speed-up the rescue operation. "We have come here from the Gujarat Disaster Management Authority. Entire rescue operation team has come here for the rescue since lot of damage to human life and property has taken place here in several districts of Karnataka due to floods triggered by incessant rains," said J.S. Kheria, Station Officer of Ahmedabad Fire and Special Services. "We have come to save the people who are still trapped in floods. Fourteen boats have arrived here and 46 rescue workers will come. And on the instructions of the District Collector here, we will begin our rescue work," Kheria added.

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