Indian wrestlers thrash two Australians in racism-linked brawl in Melbourne

      Melbourne Police is investigating whether racist abuse was behind a brawl in which two angry Indian wrestlers put two Australians into hospital. Police have confirmed two men, aged 25 and 42, were assaulted and hit with sticks in a fight after joining a "mouthy" skateboarder who allegedly sparked the incident outside Meadowglen International Athletics Stadium in Epping on Sunday afternoon. Inspector Mark Doney, from Mill Park Police, said the incident occurred when contestants of the wrestling team sport kabaddi, which attracted up to 5000 people, began to leave the venue. "One of the youths there tried to get in the way of the cars and yelled out a bit of abuse at people. I think he got his just desserts by the occupants of the vehicle after he smashed the window of their car," quoted Doney, as saying. Asked whether the Indians had reacted to racial abuse, Inspector Doney said: "It could have been. At this stage, I don't have what was actually said in front of me''. Inspector Doney said the injured men were taken to Northern Hospital with minor injuries but hadn't pressed charges. "We don't have a complaint of assault from them,'' he said. A recent spate of race-based attacks on Indians has soured Melbourne's reputation on the sub-continent. Premier John Brumby used his trip to India last week to limit the fallout from the negative publicity.

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