Karnataka CJ Dinakaran attends court proceedings

     The Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court PD Dinakaran attended court for the first time on Monday after staying away from it for some days following a controversy related to his allegedly acquiring property in illegal ways. On Saturday, the Advocate General of Karnataka, Ashok Harnahalli urged Justice Dinakaran to sit on the Bench and conduct the proceedings. Harnahalli, along with Additional Advocate-General K.M. Nataraj and State Public Prosecutor Pravin called on the Chief Justice and urged him to reconsider his decision. Justice Dinakaran has reportedly expressed unwillingness to sit on the Bench following a resolution passed by the Advocates Association of Bangalore asking him to refrain from attending or presiding over judicial proceedings until he is cleared of the allegations levelled against him. On the other hand Harnahalli opined that though it was the Bar's duty to bring to the notice of the Chief Justice of India any complaint about a judge, no judge could be publicly defamed on the basis of a representation. It was, therefore, not correct on the part of the Bar to request Justice Dinakaran not to participate in judicial proceedings. Justice Dinakaran is among one of the Judges who were recently elevated to Supreme Curt by the Chief Justice of India.

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