Secret US military training camp just 30 km away from Islamabad?

      The United States has reportedly established a secret military training camp just a few kilometers away from Islamabad. According to The Nation, just 30 kilometers away from Islamabad, situated in the heart of an industrial estate, exists a creepy structure surrounded by high walls. The board outside the building reads: 'auto repair shop', but it has no similarity with a peculiar automobile repair workshop. High walls upon which military-style barbed wires are fixed surround the building. One can also find a watchtower inside the campus, the report said. Sources said the structure has a close association with a private US defence contractor company, DynCorp. However, the exact purpose of the work being carried out inside the building could not be ascertained, the report adds. It is worth mentioning here that a retired official of the Pakistani Army Captain Ali Zaidi, who is a partner of DynCorp company in Pakistan, was arrested earlier this week after a huge cache of illegal weapons were recovered from his office which is situated in the heart of the high-security zone in Islamabad. Sources said Captain Zaidi and the American security firm were recruiting retired Pakistani military officers to work for the US military.

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