Qureshi worried about India's nuke submarine

     Expressing concern over India's new nuclear-powered submarine, Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that New Delhi should observe nuclear restraint to maintain stability in South Asia. Addressing the Los Angeles World Affairs Congress, Qureshi said Pakistan had proposed a 'Strategic Restraint Regime' to India with the three inter-locking principles of dispute settlement, conventional balance and nuclear and missile restraint. "Our friends should encourage India to sign on to the proposed Strategic Restraint Regime to guarantee strategic stability in our region," the Daily Times quoted, Qureshi, as saying. He said Pakistan's nuclear capability was developed for self-defence following the Indian nuclear tests in 1974. "We oppose nuclear proliferation as well as an arms race in the region," he added. Qureshi said that he sought Washington's support in curbing terrorism and extremism in Pakistan's tribal areas. The partnership, he said, should be based on mutual trust and respect "that is not transactional, but is enduring and multi-faceted, spanning trade and economy; defence and security; health and education; science and technology; and counter terrorism and non-proliferation".

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