Bring Mumbai attack culprits to justice, US tells Pakistan

      The United States has asked Pakistan to bring the culprits of the November 2008 Mumbai massacre to justice as soon as possible, adding that it would always encourage talks between India and Pakistan to ensure peace in the region. "We certainly have encouraged and continue to encourage Pakistan to fully investigate the Mumbai attacks, and even more importantly, bring those responsible before their judicial system," Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs Philip Crowley said. Interacting with media persons during a regular briefing at the State Department, Crowley said Washington was concerned over the present scenario in South Asia and wants to help the countries to thwart the terror threat. "We have a strategic relationship that is emerging with India. We have a vitally important relationship with Pakistan, are working hard to help Pakistan address the issue of extremism within its borders, and we are likewise very concerned about the cross-border activity between Pakistan and Afghanistan," The Nation quoted Crowley, as saying. He said the Obama Administration recognizes the importance of peaceful relations between India and Pakistan, and it would continue to encourage all the stake holders (India, Pakistan and Afghanistan) to work together to address the problems facing the region. "We recognize the vital importance of a stable relationship between Pakistan and India, and we continue to encourage all of these countries to work constructively together," Crowley added.

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