Mumbai gets high-speed interceptor boats to enhance coastal security

      Mumbai police launched two speedboats to enhance coastal security. The Indian made air-conditioned boats are equipped with advanced engines, Global Positioning System (GPS) and wireless sets. At least eight policemen in each of these speedboats armed with lifeguards, AK 47s and binoculars can keep a vigil along the 140-kiloemeter coastline of the city. "These are interceptor boats. It has GPS; wireless and all other modern technology equipment required are installed in the boat. Policemen would feel more safe and secure in these boats. I hope that these boats will help in better interception," said D. Shivanand, Mumbai city's commissioner of police. Mumbai police have plans to introduce around 40 such boats out of which eleven are now in place. Police said the boats have a speed of 38 nautical miles per hour.

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