Stability in Pak, Afghanistan vital for US mission in region: Obama

     The Unites States has yet again stressed that stability in Pakistan and Afghanistan is vital for the US mission in the region. Interacting with media persons after the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, US President Barack Obama said the main objective of the US forces fighting in Afghanistan is to dismantle the Al-Qaeda network and destroy its capacity to harm people across the world. “Overriding goal is to dismantle the Al Qaeda network, to destroy their capacity to inflict harm not just on us but people of all faiths and all nationalities all around the world, and that is our overriding focus. Stability in Afghanistan and in Pakistan is critical to that mission,” Obama said. Obama said the allied forces which are engaged in the ‘war on terror’ in Afghanistan for the last eight years are committed towards the goals. “And after several years of drift in Afghanistan, we now find ourselves in a situation in which you have strong commitments from the International Security Assistance Force coalition, our NATO allies, all of them are committed to making this work,” The Daily Times quoted Obama, as saying.

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