True happiness arrives at 54 for 'Baby Gloomer' women

     A study has found that women, who have worries over money and life, find true happiness when they reach the age of 54. The poll conducted by the bank First Direct found that those in their mid-40s are unhappier than any other age group, and that people who are above 54 are the happiest. Researchers have renamed those aged between 45 and 54, from the Baby Boom generation, to the 'Baby Gloomers', as they are so fraught with worries, particularly about money. The study found that more than half were miserable because they are concerned about their wealth and future prospects. They fear they would never be able to afford to stop working because they either do not have a pension, or would have to rely on a paltry retirement pot. The level of unhappiness starts to decline for those aged 55-64, with the figure going down to 36 percent, and it is a quarter for those aged 65 and over. The report found people are most likely to be happy if they have made at least four 'key changes' to their lives. These include switching to a different career, ending an unhappy relationship, ditching a poisonous friendship, travelling for three or more months, and downshifting to achieve a less materialistic lifestyle. "People are gaining satisfaction in their lives from much more than just money," the Daily Mail quoted Paul Say, of First Direct, as saying. "Even in their late 50s and early 60s, Brits are undertaking a raft of changes to make their lives richer, more colourful and ultimately happier," he stated.

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