China deploys security guards in schools to avoid bloodbath repeat

     China has deployed thousands of security guards in kindergarten and other schools in a bid to prevent violence, by strengthening campus security across the country. According to Xinhua, about 2,000 specially trained safety personnel, uniformed and wearing helmets and knife-proof vests, have been deployed in the school campuses ahead of the autumn semester, which starts from September 1. "All schools in China should take student safety as their first priority and enact concrete measures to protect students from accidental injuries," Vice Education Minister Chen Xiaoya said last week. Similar moves have been carried out across the country after six deadly school playground attacks took place within just three months from March to May this year. According to the figures of the provincial public security bureau, Fujian Province has deployed 22,384 security guards to 16,197 kindergartens, primary and middle schools while in Chongqing municipality, 45,278 policemen and security guards have been assigned to all schools in 42 districts and counties under its jurisdiction. Chongqing has worked out a budget of 1.2 billion Yuan (176 million dollars) to build a prevention system to assure schoolyard security. Earlier this month, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Security jointly ordered security personnel, video surveillance devices and alarm systems to be deployed in the campus of all kindergarten, primary and secondary educational institutions before the autumn semester begins.

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