PCB to take action after British police investigation is over: Sharad Pawar

     International Cricket Council (ICC) President Sharad Pawar on Monday said that the Pakistani Cricket Board (PCB) would be able to take appropriate action in the spot-fixing scandal only after the investigation is completed by the British police. Commenting on the latest spot fixing allegations against a few Pakistani cricketers, Pawar here today said: "British police are in the process of investigation. They have not completed investigation; neither they have called any player for interrogation till today." He said: "Unless and until, the process of investigation is complete and we get even the Prima facie report, it will be difficult for the Pakistan board to take appropriate actions." Pawar mentioned that the President of PCB has sent a confidential report to the Prime Minister and President of Pakistan and they are expecting some actions to be taken. "As per our information, from Pakistan Cricket Control Board's President, he himself has inquired and prepared a confidential report, which has been sent to the President of Pakistan and Prime Minister of Pakistan and of course he is expecting some guidance from the country's leadership," added Sharad Pawar. The " News of the World" tabloid from London has named four Pakistani players and three others of being involved in a spot-fixing racket. The tabloid alleged that a Pakistani man Mazhar Majeed had paid bribes to the players to bowl no-balls and wides in the series and Lords test. The tabloid claimed that it has video evidence confirming involvement of the players which it had shared with Scotland Yard triggering off the investigations into the fixing racket.

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