Eleven women electrocuted in Haryana's Mewat District

     At least eleven women were killed when a high-tension wire fell on their vehicle in Kherla village of Haryana's Mewat District. The incident took place on Saturday, when an 11,000-watt wire fell on the vehicle while the women were returning from their farms. Three others including a boy were also injured in the same incident. "When they were crossing road there was a loosely hanging high tension electricity wire which accidentally touched them due to which these women died," said C. R. Rana, Deputy Commissioner of Mewat. "In this hour of distress we stand by the family of victims' family. Government would provide them Rupees 300,000 as compensation to families who lost their dear ones in the incident. Moreover Rs. 50,000 would be given to those who are admitted in the hospital," he added. The three women and the boy, who have survived the mishap, are still in critical condition and admitted in a hospital. A case has been registered against the State-run power utility for negligence and poor maintenance of the transmission lines.

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