N. Korea will use nuke arsenal if attacked by US, S. Korea: Envoy

     North Korea's Ambassador to Cuba, Kwon Sung Chol, has warned that his country would use its nuclear arsenal if attacked by either the United States or South Korea. "If Washington and Seoul try to create a conflict on the Korean Peninsula, we will respond with a holy war on the basis of our nuclear deterrent forces," Xinhua quoted Kwon, as saying at a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the DPRK. "Our government will strive for the denuclearisation of the peninsula and the establishment of a lasting peace as the beginning of the reunification process of the two Koreas," he added. He further warned that despite facing obstacles from the United States and South Korea, North Korea would achieve reunification with the support of peace-loving peoples, like Cubans. Referring to the sinking of South Korean warship 'Cheonan' in March, Kwon urged the people of North Korea and Cuba to strengthen support and solidarity between the two nations. Kwon also thanked former Cuban President Fidel Castro for his public warning on the incident that it could unleash a major conflict in the area. "His articles are an encouragement to our people, who fight against the imperialism," the DPRK diplomat said. Earlier, South Korea blamed North Korea for the sinking of 'Cheonan', but the latter rejected the accusation and proposed to send an inspection group to the south to verify the evidence. Seoul, however, rejected that proposal.

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