WikiLeaks founder to cooperate with police on molestation allegations

     WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has said that he will cooperate with the Swedish police on the molestation allegations, but he is still clueless about them. According to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Assange, 39, insists that he does not know how the allegations came about. "I have absolutely no idea what this is about," the New York Post quoted him as telling the paper. Chief Prosecutor Eva Finne had on August 25 said that she would open a formal investigation into an allegation that Assange engaged in the "molestation" of a woman. Under Swedish law, molestation is defined broadly and can refer to anything from groping someone to inappropriate nonsexual behaviour, such as disrupting public order. Assange said the damage inflicted upon him and WikiLeaks due to the allegations were "enormous". "There are currently millions of websites around the world with the combination 'Julian Assange and rape' as a result of how the prosecutor initially handled the case," he added.

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