Cloudburst, landslides damage houses, school in Uttarakhand village

     Heavy downpours and landslides, triggered by a cloudburst, damaged over 50 houses and a school in Matak Majari village near Dehradun in Uttarakhand in the wee hours of Thursday. Roads in the area were swept away and a bus fell into a gorge near the village. While no casualties have been reported. Though many persons have been reportedly injured. Slush of mud and debris entered many houses within a short time, giving no opportunity to villagers to save their belongings. "I have lost everything. All my money, ration and clothes with other belongings have been swept away. I have borrowed the clothes that I am wearing right now. There is nothing left in my house," said Khalid, a victim. Crops have been completely destroyed and villagers are now worried as the harvest season is on. The locals are angry, too, as no help has been forthcoming from the local administration. The hilly region has been experiencing torrential rains and subsequent landslides that have washed away many constructions on embankments along the mountain streams.

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