Oz girl earning $100K a year from YouTube ads

     A Sydney-based girl has earned an estimated 100,000 dollars from advertising on her YouTube clips in the past year, reveals a new study. Natalie Tran is one of just 10 independent YouTube stars around the world who made more than 100,000-dollar from the site in the past year, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. A new study by YouTube analytics and advertising firm TubeMogulused users' viewership data to estimate their annual income under YouTube's partner program, which allows the most popular users to take half of the advertising revenue derived from their clips. The study applied to anyone who was not part of a major media brand and covered the period from July 2009 to July this year. Tran, with almost 139 million views in July 2009 to July 2010 was found to have earned an income of 101,000 dollars. Tran's page, communitychannel, is the most subscribed Australian YouTube channel of all time, with 740,682 subscribers and more than 270 million views on her videos to date. The top 10 YouTube earners in the past year are: 1. Shane Dawson - 315,000 dollars 2. The Annoying Orange - 288,000 dollars 3. Philip DeFranco - 181,000 dollars 4. Ryan Higa - 151,000 dollars 5. Fred - 146,000 dollars 6. Shay Carl - 140,000 dollars 7. Mediocre Films - 116,000 dollars 8. Smosh - 113,000 dollars 9. The Young Turks - 112,000 dollars 10. Natalie Tran - 101,000 dollars.

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