Harrison Ford to reprise last Indiana Jones role at 70

     Veteran Hollywood actor Harrison Ford is set to star in the last 'Indiana Jones' movie and that too at the age of 70. It is assumed that the fifth episode of the lucrative movie will hit cinemas in 2012 - the year Ford marks his 70th birthday. Ford first starred as 'Indiana Jones' back in 1981 in the hit adventure 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark'. He twice reprised the role in the Eighties before returning to the part two years ago. Shia LaBeouf, who appeared alongside Ford as his son Mutt in 'Indiana Jones' and 'The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull' in 2008, has revealed that he's being approached for appearing in the film. "They're scriptwriting now," the Daily express quoted Beouf as saying. "It sounds crazy. It sounds really cool," he added.

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