Extremists in UK urge racist thugs to hurl pork at Muslims

     Right-wing websites and blogs in Britain have urged racist thugs to attack Muslims with pork in an attempt to force them out of the country. The detailed guide on how to taunt Muslims has been posted on websites including those of the English Defence League (EDL) and the English Nationalist Alliance (ENA). The hatemongers suggest touching shop door handles, bus seats and taxis with pork and announcing on Facebook where this has been done. They reckon that the tactic will push many Muslims to leave the UK , believing that they will go to hell if they make contact with pork. However, a spokesman for anti-fascist group One Million United said that the attempt was ‘sick’. “Muslims do not go to hell if they touch pork products. We can only suspect this bizarre idea came from EDL assumptions and guesswork.,” The Daily Star quoted the spokesman, as saying. “There is nothing stated anywhere that they will face Allah’s wrath if they touch pork products. If the EDL are expecting Muslims to scuttle off, panicking the second a trotter lands near them, they will be disappointed,” he added. ENA spokesman, Billy Baker, said that his group does not condone such threats. “We do not advocate racism or violence. Our site is visited by extremists who post inflammatory comments. Our site moderators do our best to get rid of them as soon as we can,” Baker said.

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