Public protests over hike in MPs salaries

      People across the country are unhappy with the Union Cabinet's approval of a three-fold hike in the salaries and perks of MPs, saying it is burden on the poor. In Patna , the public expressed its displeasure on the issue, saying politicians are meant to work for the common man and should not worry about their own salaries. "This is absolutely wrong, and is not in favour of the public. There should be no salary hike for political leaders. They are meant to work for the public and should work for the public, and they already get a lot of salary. And, in today's time, it's really not right," said S P Yadav, a local. "They are making their own rules and regulations and that is why they are increasing their own salaries," Yadav added. In Maharashtra's Aurangabad city, the people echoed similar sentiments. "If you see Rs 16,000 is not less for them. They also have factories, mills and business worth millions. They should not even get four annas (cents). They are sucking the public's blood and spending it. People elect them to think about the poor and development," said Sayed Samir, a local. "Instead of working for the people they are filling in their own house with money. They get Rs 50,000, train facilities and plane bookings beforehand. Four days ago I came from Mumbai, I had to travel by standing in the train's toilet. They should not be given money. This is the public's money and the poor are worried," he added. In Kolkata, residents said politicians should worry about inflation rather than demanding a hike in their salaries. "It's not right because they are not thinking about the general public and are thinking about themselves. They are getting all facilities. Government employees get all facilities. They now want to leave all facilities and want to increase their salaries," said Janardan Sharma, a local. "The common man is facing inflation, they have not done anything for that and have no interest in it. In the last one year, inflation has increased by about fifty percent. So, they should think about that first, rather than their limited liabilities," he added. The Union Cabinet on Friday approved a bill to hike MPs salary from current Rs 16,000 to Rs 50,000.

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