India will bear consequences if terror intelligence is not shared: Pak

     Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that India must share information it has regarding any future terror strike being planned against it, adding that New Delhi will have to bear the consequences if it refuses to do so. Malik said India must share information regarding any terrorist strike being planned against it in order to take tangible action against those plotting the attack. "India would be responsible for the consequences if it did not share information regarding any future terrorist acts being planned," The Daily Times quoted Malik, as saying. He reiterated that Islamabad has evidence regarding India's involvement in promoting terrorism inside the country. "It is true that the terrorists arrested from Swat and the Tribal Areas have confirmed Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan," Malik told a private television channel from New York. This is the second time in less than a week that Malik has claimed that India is involved in fanning terrorism inside Pakistan even though it has no 'concrete' evidence in this regard. Earlier, in an interview to a private television channel, Malik claimed that extremists who were apprehended during raids in the Swat Valley have confirmed India's hand in terror activities inside Pakistan. He, however, said Islamabad lacks concrete evidence in this regard. He also blamed New Delhi for not supporting Islamabad in its probe regarding the Mumbai terror attacks. "Pakistan had offered unconditional support to India after last years Mumbai attack but our sincere efforts to bring the culprits of this incident to justice are not being replied constructively," Malik said Commenting on the progress made in the 26/11 terror attacks investigations, Malik held India responsible for the delay. He reiterated Pakistan's stance of holding bilateral negotiations, saying levelling allegations against each other would further deteriorate relations between the two countries. "Leveling allegations against each others would further harm relations between Pakistan and India. Here we are asking India to come to the table for talks to resolve all outstanding issues. If India has any reservation in investigating the Mumbai attack then it should come forward and hold talks with us," Malik said.

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