Delayed availability of news content management system worrying CWG officials

      Project managers responsible for providing back-end support systems during the October Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, has expressed concern over the non-availability of new Infostrada Content Management System (ICMS). Hairul Sukaime, Infostrada Sports, Project Manager and Phillip Garrett, Infostrada Sports, Assistant Project Manager are reported to have said that with just 45 days to go before the Games start, there is still no news on when the back-end support system will be provided. Sources said that both particularly expressed grave concern over the fact that the ISS team would not be able to function if the ICMS is not made available because they feed in all their Games News Services (GNS) content on this system, which then figures on GNS Info terminals. The gravity of the problem, the sources quoted them as saying, has multiplied several folds by the fact that Swiss Timing is providing the ICMS for the first time and a multi-sport event, and Infostrada would require time to familiarize themselves with it. They said Infostrada was using Asto Origin ICMS till now, and expressed their doubts about whether the new system would be foolproof when it comes to functionality. Infostrada usually go live two weeks before the MPC is opened for media. This means they should have tried and tested the new ICMS to be provided by Swiss Timing latest by September 8, 2010. If the new ICMS is not made available quickly, the GNS team will not be able to perform its duties during Games time, which will adversely affect the VMCs and MPC managed and run by PIB staff, it was reportedly revealed in a meeting to discuss GNS operations plan this week. According to sources, the gist of discussions and deliberations focussed on six other issues: 1. Network connectivity 2. Space provided for GNS team 3. Printing of results/info 4. Pigeonholes 5. GNS Staff Training 6. All the FF and E and other items inside the GNS work area will be provided by the OC technology and logistics FAs.

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