Obamas swim in the Gulf of Mexico

     US President Barack Obama and his family have taken a swim in the Gulf of Mexico with the declaration that the beaches along the oil-hit coastline are 'open for business'. On his fifth visit to the region since the Mexico oil spill in April he has pledged to help the communities along the coast until they have fully recovered. The President also spoke to the local business owners to hear their concerns about the repercussions of the spill. "I will not be satisfied until the environment has been restored, no matter how long it takes." Sky News quoted Obama as saying. "As a result of the clean-up effort, beaches all along the Gulf Coast are clean and safe and open for business," he said. Meanwhile, BP will get the go-ahead to finish drilling a relief well to finally seal its blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico . The Gulf of Mexico provisionally has been sealed a month ago after spewing an estimated 4.9 million barrels of oil into the water. Obama added that any delays by BP or officials in paying claims to individuals affected by the spill are "unacceptable".

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