Allahabad High Court delivers record 29,395 verdicts in a year

     The High Court here has settled 29,395 cases from July 2009 to July 2010, probably the highest figure in the legal world, during a 12-month period. The Bar Association of Allahabad felicitated Justice Ravindra Singh for his achievement on Thursday. Justice Ravindra Singh said he did not set store by any record and termed his achievement as part of his routine duty. "I can't say anything about the records because it is routine, a working process. There are no achievements. This is a working process and every judge should follow this and I have also tried to do so and not waste the time of the court I did all the hearings," he said. He also gave credit to the lawyers for preparing their cases well, cutting out wastage of time. "Credit goes to the lawyers of this court who came to court with full preparation without wasting time. With the minimum time we discussed the issue and then decide the issue immediately," the Justice said.

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