Pak flood disaster has spiralled beyond Govt's capacity: Gilani

      Pakistan Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has admitted that the unprecedented devastation caused by the country's worst ever floods has spiralled beyond the government's control. "The government has done everything possible, but it is beyond our capacity, we are facing an extremely difficult situation," The Daily Times quoted Gilani, as saying. "Millions of people have suffered and still there is more rain and further losses are feared. I appeal to the world to help us, we are doing what we can," he added. He said that the flooding has exceeded the destruction wreaked by the 2005 earthquake, and believes that the loss caused is irrecoverable. The Prime Minister however assured that all possible resources would be utilised for the rehabilitation of the affected people. The United Nations (UN) has estimated that the deluge, which is being described as the worst in the last 80 years, has affected over four million people and killed over 1600. Relief and rescue work has been hit badly by continuous rains, particularly in the north western region. According to officials, water from swollen rivers has also entered occupied Kashmir , where more than 130 people have reportedly been killed. Some parts of Punjab are said to be under six feet of water. The world famous ancient remains of Mohenjodaro are also under threat from the swollen Indus River in the Sindh province. Over 900,000 cusecs of water is expected to enter Sindh through the Indus River raising fears over the safety of Mohenjodaro, which was declared a World Heritage site by the UN in 1980.

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