Bristol Palin's fiancee Levi Johnston's ex 'pregnant with his child'

     Bristol Palin's plans to marry fiancee Levi Johnston have been rocked by rumours that his ex-girlfriend may be pregnant with his child. Just weeks after announcing their surprise reunion, Sarah Palin's 19-year-old daughter was said to be reconsidering her future with beau Johnston after a report emerged in the National Enquirer, reports The US tabloid claimed that Lanesia Garcia became pregnant after a brief reunion with Johnston , 20, during his break-up from Bristol Palin last year. Garcia, who is about to give birth to the child, reportedly told a source that Johnston was one of a number of possible fathers to be determined using a paternity test. A spokesman for the Palin family told celebrity website RadarOnline that "no official decision has been made," about whether Bristol would stay with Johnston , but added that the couple were currently in contact "by text message" only.

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