English council bans mini-skirts in office

     A council has warned its women employees not to wear short skirts to office or else they could be sent home. An order released by bosses at Southampton City Council, in southern England , has asked the council's 400 staff members to dress suitably for work. Social workers, youth workers and other employees in the council's children's services department have been asked to "carefully consider their work attire." Women have been advised to wear trousers or skirts of "reasonable length" and "not mini-skirts." The leaked email said that council bosses would in the coming weeks "be speaking to staff about the clothes they wear to work." It added: "Please try to dress smartly and thoughtfully, in line with other professionals you come across in your day-to-day work, and in a way that shows respect to children and families." Staff are reportedly be outraged by the email. "I would have thought the council has got better things to do than impose a regimented approach to what people wear," the Daily Telegraph quoted Mike Tucker, The council's union secretary as telling The Daily Mail.

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