3,500 kg fake 'ghee' seized in Jaipur

      About 3,500 kilograms of fake 'ghee' or clarified butter was seized in Rajasthan's Jaipur city on Friday. The police raided the spot and found over three tonnes of fake ghee along with 1,500 kilograms of palm oil and vegetable oil from a factory in Kartapura Industrial Area. "The work of fake ghee (clarified butter) was carried on at a large scale. From the spot we have arrested the manager of the firm, Sarwar Singh Shekhawat. There were five workers and they have been also arrested," said Raghuveer Saini, the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Sodala Circle , Jaipur. "We have seized 3.5 tonnes of manufactured fake ghee, and 1.5 tonnes of palm oil and Vanaspati Ghee (vegetable oil). The owner Pankaj Sharma, his wife Usha and their helpers had been engaged in the manufacture of fake ghee," he added. Saini further said to make spurious ghee; they burned palm oil and vegetable oil at a very high temperature, and mixed chemicals and essences to give it the flavour of ghee.

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