ISI spreads its net in the north-east region

      Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is attempting to spread its network in the north east region, according to reports. It has been reported that ISI agents are now entering India through Bangladesh to provide active support to local militant outfits and create instability in the region. The north-east region has over 4,000 km-long border with Bangladesh , a major part of it yet to be fenced. The porous border has been used by anti-India elements to enter the country . This was disclosed by 30-year-old Munir Khan alias Omar Ashraf,who was arrested in Agartala on July 3. Munir, who hails from Pakistan ’s Bhawalpur district disclosed that he received training at ISI camps in Multan . He has purportedly confessed that he visited Guwahati and other cities in the northeast to expand ISI’s network. Police also detained his local associates from Tripura and Assam who had provided him with logistical and networking support. “It is a fact that ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) uses the northeast as corridor, and Munir Khan is one of the examples who is arrested. He went to Guwahati to meet agents there to activate their activities,” said Tapan Saha, a public prosecutor. Efforts are being made to promote militancy among local Muslim youth in the name of `jehad’ particularly in southern and upper Assam . It has also come to light that these agents promote communal tension among communities by way of false and highly inflammatory propaganda. “Besides supporting the northeast militants, they are also trying to foment Islamic militancy in the region ISI has special design for this part of the country, to separate northeast from India,” said Manas Paul, an expert on Security Affairs. India has appreciated the efforts of neighboring Bangladesh for launching operations against northeast militants based in its territory. The attempt of Pakistani agencies to make Bangladesh a corridor to enter India ’s northeast is a serious security concern. And this is happening at a time when normalcy and peace are rapidly returning to north-east region and many insurgent outfits are coming forward to give up their arms.

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