Nepalese royal accused of raping Sydney woman

     A member of Nepal's royal family has been accused of raping a sleeping householder while delivering a takeaway Indian meal. A Sydney court was told Tuesday that Amit Hamal, 21, of Marrickville, had sexual intercourse without the woman's consent on July 16 at a Rose Bay house in Sydney's east. In unsuccessfully applying for bail, his lawyer said Hamal was a member of the Nepalese royal family and disputed the charge. quoted the lawyer as saying that Hamal's sexual encounter was consensual and occurred after the delivery driver rang the doorbell twice and telephoned. The door was ajar and Hamal went inside where he saw a man asleep on the lounge, but he could not wake him, the lawyer said. Hamal then walked into a bedroom where the woman, 44, was asleep and when she eventually stirred, she took off some clothing and they had consensual sexual activity, the lawyer said.

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