How Kim Kardashian used her 'assets' to build $5.45 million a year brand

     Socialite Kim Kardashian, who is recognized more for her physical assets than anything else, has been revealed to earn an amazing 5.45 million dollars a year. Kardashian, 29, has, according to an industry insider, used her notoriety to make big money. "Kardashian Inc. is a tremendously accurate description," the New York Post quoted Ryan Schinman, CEO of Platinum Rye Entertainment, a top celebrity talent broker, as saying. "She's not an actor. She's not a singer. However, when you garner the amount of global attention that she has, she's worthy of being called a brand. "It's called Twitter. It's called Facebook. It's called creating product lines. It's about being constantly in touch with your fans. She's it," Schinman added. The reality show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", pays her 400,000 dollars getting 20,000 dollars per episode, and she earns around 3.2 million dollars from endorsements. Her Web site, with ads from Kotex, Macy's and Sony Ericsson, reportedly gets paid 10,000 dollars for a sponsored Tweet, and it has more page views than Vogue and the New York Yankees, earning her a total of 600,000 dollars. From the Dash designer clothing store, which she co-owns, in California and Miami, PerfectSkin, Kardashian Khaos (in Vegas' Mirage Hotel), she gets 350,000 dollars. For making public appearances, she gets anywhere from 10,000-75,000 dollars just to show up, and they have helped her earn 650,000 dollars. She also makes 250,000 dollars from magazines, which pay her 50,000 dollars for pictures of her in a bikini, along with quotes about her weight-loss tips.

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