Floods continue to ravage Haryana

     Alarmed by the worsening flood situation in Haryana's Sirsa District, the local authorities initiated relief and rescue operations to over scores of people affected by the floods. Multiple breaches in the canals of the regional Ghaggar rivulet have worsened the flood situation in the area. Floodwaters have totally submerged several low-lying villages due to which crops have been washed away and villagers have flocked to safer locations with their families. In a bid to alleviate their plight, the authorities dispatched dozens of boats filled with food, water and medical supplies to the villages, which have been virtually cut off from the nearby towns due to the overflowing waters. The locals, however, alleged that the aid that has been extended by the State Government is yet to reach them, owing to rampant corruption at the district level. Reeling under the devastating floods, they lashed out at the government apathy and expressed their disappointment with the authorities for not providing any help. "It has been six days since the floods ravaged the region, but no help has been extended as yet to us by the government. There is no water or food, and only the local gurudwara is providing us with food supplies," said Surjeet Singh, a local. "We have suffered huge financial losses and are battling hunger," he added. Meanwhile, the government officials remained defensive of their operations, maintaining that the relief was being efficiently and effectively distributed to the affected villagers. "We have distributed food, water and medical supplies to the villagers ever since the floods came in seven days ago. We have been making rounds of the villages since the past three days," said S. P. Sodhi, a district official. "We have also distributed essential items like torches, tea leaves, pulses, sugar and biscuits to help the locals," he added.

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