Pargat Singh files nomination for Hockey India president's post

     Former Indian hockey captain Pargat Singh on Saturday filed his nomination for the post of Hockey India (HI) President in the national capital. Pargat will contest against HI Interim President Vidya Stokes. He said that he was confident of winning the elections, and claimed that he wants to bring back the glory of the game, which has been recently talked about for its court cases. "For quite sometime we have been witnessing the state of the Hockey team. Hockey has become like a football, the authorities have dragged hockey either to courts or some other cases," Pargat said. "It has become such a divided house, because of that I do not want to see it further divided. We will unite it and bring back the glory of hockey to that level where it was," he added. Pargat also said that the coaching and the umpiring system should be upgraded. "We will reconcile hockey and bring it to a higher level than it is, that is the top agenda for us. There are a lot of things in the agenda such as to upgrade the coaching system, to upgrade the umpiring system," Pargat said. He further said that a calendar of every player should be made, which would include their peak forms during the year. "I have also been saying that the federation should at least make a calendar but no one understands what 'calendar' means. They think that it is a normal calendar that you get from a market. Technically someone who does not know it's meaning. It means that a player's peak form cannot come more than three or four times in a year," Pargat said. "The calendar should be made according to the domestic and the international calendar so that the peak form of a player is potentially used," he added. The election would be held on July 28. Besides the posts of president and secretary general, elections will be held for four joint secretary (two male, two female), four vice president (two male, two female), one senior vice president, treasurer, and five executive members.

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