Father tries to strangulate daughter for marrying man of another caste

      A girl's father tried to strangulate her in front of district administration officials, media persons and locals for marrying a man of another caste IN Jaipur, Rajashthan. Ira Bishnoi and Sidharath Singh got married on July 14 against the wishes of her family. Her father, Purushottam Bishnoi, caught the couple outside the District Collector's (DC) office on Thursday and threatened the couple. He went on to assault his daughter and tried to strangulate her. "We were sitting outside the District Collector's office; my father arrived there and tried to strangulate me. He started slapping me. He was trying to forcibly take me and asked me to leave my husband. But I have come here of my own will," said Ira Bishnoi. The couple went to the office of the District Collector (DC) to request for police protection, as her relatives were threatening them. They said that even after the instructions of the local administration to grant them protection, the area police have not taken necessary steps. "We requested many times but the local police kept delaying our protection request. Even after the higher authorities ordered them to take action, they are not listening. They were misbehaving with me. Now what do we do?" said Singh. The couple is living in fear as Bishnoi has threatened to kill Singh. "They are openly saying that they will cut me into pieces; of course, I am a bit scared," said Sidharth Singh.

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