Krishna says Pakistan has to dismantle terror instrumentality

      External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna said that in order for India and Pakistan to stride towards bridging the trust deficit between the two countries, Pakistan must 'dismantle for good the terror instrumentality within the country.' He said that while time and again statements were made by Jehadi groups and their leaders like Hafiz Saeed and Syed Salahuddin, India was quite firm in its demand that it's not just the speeches and rallies that are anti-India in nature, but the entire gamut of terror training, plotting and funding that should stop. Krishna told ANI in an exclusive interview that as a representative of the Government of India, his mandate was to speak to and thereby demand action from the Pakistan Government. What was left unsaid was that he really could not demand Hafiz Saeed to stop what he was doing. When asked whether the problems in Kashmir could ever be solved without cooperation from Pakistan, the External Affairs Minister said: "Kashmir is an internal problem of India," but there is no doubt that arsonists and secessionists in the state are being "promoted by outside powers. This has been going on for a long time. It is obvious and not at all subtle." Krishna was quite clear that if Kashmir was not an issue that he would hesitate to talk about if Pakistan brought it up. "Kashmir is an indivisible part of India. What is happening there is a law and order problem and the elected government of Jammu and Kashmir led by Chief Minister Omar Abdullah will deal with the issue," he said. Krishna dismissed the surmise that the information in the media regarding Lashkar-e-Toiba operative David Coleman Headley's statements about the ISI was poorly timed. He said, "Headley is being interrogated in the US and the information is coming to us through the various channels. When it comes to us we announce it." Krishna said that the Headley statements would be discussed in his talks with his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mehmood Qureshi. "It was vital to clear the air by bringing up all issues of contention. My main agenda is to breach the trust between the two countries. The FBI is conducting its interrogations in the US and passing along vital information to both countries. Now we will see what is their response." The External Affairs Minister said: "India sought good relations with Pakistan. We need to build trust and respect between the two countries. This environment of trust will help in developing the region." Krishna arrived on a three-day visit at the Chaklala Air Base along with a 15-member official delegation on Wednesday.

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