‘Life of 10 deported Russian spies would be nightmare’

     The 67-year old former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, author and human rights activist who spent 12 years in Russian prisons, labour camps and forced-treatment at psychiatric hospitals before being sent to Europe in a prisoner swap in 1976, has said that life would be a ‘nightmare’ for the deported Russian spies from now on. “Some of them have spent 15 years living in America , and they are going to find it very, very hard to adjust. They will go from living affluent lives with real freedom, to living under constant surveillance by the Russian secret services. Every move they make will be watched very closely,” The Telegraph quoted him, as saying. Bukovsky anticipated that the government would retire them with a slim pension, and then send them out to live somewhere remote. Maybe find them a quiet job. He warned the spies to prevent themselves from diclosing the workings of the KGB (now the FSB), because the organisation will not hesitate to kill them for its motive. "When I was released, the negotiations were going on for a year before – this release has been very quick. They want to deal with it quickly and move on,” he said.

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