'Russian spy' Anna Chapman had her eyes on Princes William and Harry

     Bosses at the British intelligence agency MI5 are investigating an extraordinary link between Anna Chapman, the red-haired beauty accused of spying for Russia, and the royals. Chapman, 28, was fixated with princes William and Harry and schemed her way into their social circle, it has emerged. She made repeated visits to Boujis, the nightclub haunt of the two young royals with the explicit intention of meeting them. Now MI5 chiefs are probing whether Chapman posed a security risk. The club's wild "break every rule" parties, make it difficult for MI5 to completely rule out Chapman's encounters with one or both of the princes. "Any possibility that a Russian spy may have been in the company of princes Harry and William is extremely worrying," The Mirror quoted a security source, as saying. The insider added: "Keeping the princes fully protected in that kind of alcohol-fuelled, closed-in ¬≠environment has always been a major headache." Among the royal confidants Chapman got herself introduced to was Jake Parkinson-Smith, general manager at Boujis until he was sacked in 2009 for the possession of cocaine. Parkinson-Smith, who prided himself on his access to the princes, is believed to have met Chapman several times. Chapman was also a regular at a number of other royal haunts, including nightclubs Movida and Tramp and Japanese restaurant Nobu. One of Chapman's friends said: "I remember her talking about Prince William and Prince Harry, but she was very careful not to be seen as the sort of girl who hangs around waiting for them, even though that's exactly what she was doing. "She was pushy - but clever enough to be discreet with it. As a regular at these places, Anna would have found it easy to get near the princes and was certainly pretty friendly with people in their world. "But she never said whether she actually got to meet Harry or William themselves." Chapman left London in 2007 to move to the US , where she is now in custody. A spokesman for the princes has kept mum over the issue.

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