Al Gore is a pervert and sexual predator, says masseuse

     Molly Hagerty, the masseuse who alleged that Al Gore assaulted her sexually, has claimed that he is 'a pervert and sexual predator.' The redheaded 54-year-old massage therapist finally decided to lift the curtain on her identity and insists her tawdry tale is true. "Al Gore is a pervert and sexual predator. He's not what people think he is - he's a sick man!" The New York Daily News quoted her as telling the National Enquirer in an interview. The story broke last week, and soon after Portland police released their report on the incident, which said Gore, who was in town to speak about climate change, was looking for a "happy ending" to their massage session. When she refused, he attempted to have sex with her. Police ultimately dropped the investigation and no charges were ever pressed due to lack of evidence, and because Hagerty repeatedly cancelled follow-up interviews. Hagerty meanwhile, claims that she has video surveillance and DNA evidence to prove her allegations.

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