DPRK to strengthen nuclear deterrent to cope with US' hostile policy

     The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) would strengthen its nuclear deterrent in a new way to cope with the US' hostile policy and its military threat to the country. According to the English.news.cn, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of DPRK informed that the official Korean Central News Agency recently disclosed classified U.S. documents, which showed that the United States planned to launch nuclear attacks on the DPRK in 1954 and 1969. The report also said that the U.S. government's "Nuclear Posture Review" released on April 6, 2010 excluded the DPRK from the list of countries against whom the United States would not use or threaten to use nuclear weapons. "This indicated that the United States has never dropped the idea of using nuclear weapons against the DPRK, as the present U.S. administration is nothing different from the preceding regimes in their policy of nuclear threat to the DPRK," the spokesman added.

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