Allahabad farmers protest against acquisition of lands for power project

     Members of the farming community in Allahabad staged a mass protest on Sunday against the acquisition of their agricultural lands for a proposed power project. The farmers also alleged that Jaypee Group, which is executing this project, has illegally grabbed their lands sans any proper compensation. “They are not giving us money, either for our homes or the trees on the land, they are not paying us for anything. They are not giving us money at all. They are not giving us jobs either. These are our problems and that's why we are fighting together,” said Ramchandra Patel, a farmer. “Till they give our money or rehabilitate us, we would continue protesting,” he added. The farmers also complained that the government is not doing justice to the owners and tillers of agricultural lands and that they would continue their protest till the authorities do justice to them. “Whosoever comes, whether the administration, DM, DCM or any minister or legislator, we are not going to push ourselves back until we get our compensations properly. We would continue this demonstration, every time. We will not stop,” said Kamala Devi, a protestor. The state government has sanctioned a 300MW power project and the Jaypee Group had to acquire the land on June 27.

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