Maoists celebrate Foundation Day anniversary in Bihar

      Members and activists of Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-M) continued with their Foundation Day anniversary celebrations in several parts of rural Bihar for the second day on Tuesday. The banned outfit was formed with the merger of the Maoist Communist Centre (MCC) and the People's War Group (PWG) on September 21, 2004. The Maoist rebels are hosting a fortnight long celebrations in the state to mark the fifth Foundation Day anniversary marked by the active cadres swapping their training sessions with dancing and singing among the villagers and instructing them of their movement. "We are servants of the people. They are our patrons. We are protecting them. They are looking after us and they are joining our ranks. We are asking them to join our ranks," said Aadwani, a senior functionary of the Maoist movement. "We follow the ideologue of Marxist, Leninist and Mao Zedong. We are following them (Karl Marx, Lenin and Mao). Their policy is pro-poor. The present bourgeoisie government's policy is wrong. They are bringing CoBRA police to suppress people. We oppose that and for that our army of Maoists is ready to tackle the police oppression," Aadwani added. Since the merger, the Maoists have been carrying out their operations in rural Bihar with renewed strength and reinforce their base. Before the merger, both groups (MCC and PWG) were engaged in bloody fights killing many leaders on both sides. However, ever since they became a single outfit, the activists have emerged as one of the strongest rebel groups in the country.

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